Stari Grad

Where the ancient Faros story begins…

Visit Stari Grad, be part of its 2300 year old story. Walk around one of the oldest towns in Europe, discover the secrets of the beginnings of civilisation, try the fruits of the Stari Grad Plain, breathe in the scent of lavender, offer your palate an excellent wine, relax in the hidden Stari Grad bays, enjoy the sunniest island – the island of Hvar.

The Mysteries of Our Origins...


In Stari Grad you can sea the important archaeological finds in this area that evoke a way of living in ancient Faros within the museums and archaeological sites. Although archaeological research has been carried out here for decades, ancient Faros has still not decided to reveal all of its secrets to us.

Art of Living...


Close to the shore, with a large square in front of it, is Tvrdalj - a monumental Renaissance castle of an eminent Stari Grad nobleman Petar Hektorović. He built it throughout his life and it was important to him in the same measure as his literary work Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje (Fishing and Fishermen’s Talk).

A town tailored to humans...


Regardless of which way you decide to walk around Stari Grad streets, you will feel a peacefulness that can only be provided by that feeling of the past that is still so present in this area. The houses you pass are not the ruins of some other civilization. Here people are living in the same way their ancestors lived for centuries and in the same way their descendents will live.

What's important has not been changed...


The life we know today will not be the same tomorrow. New times are coming, life passes more quickly every day but there are things that have resisted the changes for centuries. This is what makes the tradition of living in Stari Grad so precious and this is why it is worth visiting.

Just try to imagine all the flavours...


Offer your palate flavours from Stari Grad’s Plain, starogrojski paprenjok (traditional pastry), lavender pastry or some of the area’s precious wines. Starogrojski paprenjok is a traditional pastry which was mentioned by Petar Hektorović in his literary works. It is prepared for all important events and its main ingredient is honey.

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